I’ve built, deployed, and maintained dozens of applications over the years, across a breadth of needs. Much of my early work was building upon an in-house modular CMS that formed the basis of many projects. Adding features like an extendable, block-based content layout engine, a basic digital asset management system, and on-the-fly eBook publishing.

Beyond that I’ve done custom CRMs, billing and payment systems, event registration and ticketing, social networking platforms, and even an synchronized multi-device information kiosk.

I’ve worked primarily with Ruby on Rails, which I still find to be a great fit for what most web applications need. Some of the most recent work I was excited about made great use of Hotwire, ViewComponents, and Tailwind. I love the way they dovetailed together. Wherever I can, I like to reach for Typescript over plain JS.

As someone that up through an apprenticeship, I also enjoy getting to teach and mentor. During my time at Neoteric I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a number of junior and intermediate developers. I’ve also volunteered with organizations like RailsBridge to help with workshops for aspiring women in tech.

Some of my other duties and accomplishments include: